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How Do You Impact a Health Crisis Like HIV/AIDS?

Education. Prevention. Love.

Hand in Hand in Africa is working towards the Maasai people’s first generation free from HIV/AIDS. Our education programs are making a significant impact in helping the Maasai understand how polygamy, sexual promiscuity and alcoholism significantly contribute to the spread of HIV/AIDS. With their increased understanding and awareness, the Maasai have strengthened their families, improved their communities and are restructuring their polygamous culture.


We’ve taught in-country trainers and pastors who in turn  have taught thousands of youth, married couples and families through our True Love Waits rallies and multi-church rallies


Teaching and then role-playing helps husbands and wives practice new relationship concepts in a safe and encouraging space.


We train in-country leaders and equip them to take the programs into neighboring regions. While our previous South African projects have become self-sustaining, Hand in Hand in Africa is still supporting the thriving Itumiesew Project. This business provides shield totes and shields to South Africa’s female teens in schools and teaches how to avoid HIV/AIDs.

Hand in Hand in Africa has been invited to expand further into the Amboseli region of Kenya and launch into Tanzania. We’re currently raising the funds for this expansion and invite you to help too with a generous gift

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