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Education Support

South Africa

Mmametlhake Family Care Center (MFCC)

Along with HIHIA, PEPFAR and the US PEACE Corp have assisted in making MFCC the longest standing nonprofit in the area continuing the fight against HIV/AIDS.

South Africa

Nkotolane Drop-in Child Care (NDCC)

Nkotolane Primary School gave MFCC use of a classroom to provide another safe place from predators for the village’s many OVC’s who were trying to walk to MFCC for after school activities.


Ochorro Sidai Enkarti Community Based Organization (OSECBO)

Through OSECBO, HIHIA began training pastors and leaders in True Love Waits and One Love curricula. The practical ways to live without risk outlined in these studies requires a head, heart, and lifestyle change for the Maasai people. They responded positively by the hundreds!

South Africa

Gachui Baptist Church Expansion

A church pastored by ChaCha Boke, a dedicated TWL trainer with HIHA. He has presented TWL to many, many groups all over Narobi, while still pastoring a growing church.

South Africa


This project is a new area for HIHIA within South Africa. Already HIHIA has a trainer, George, there presenting TWL to every group that will give him the opportunity. HIHIA is looking forward to great days ahead for this community.

Community Support

South Africa

Phake Gardening Project

Headed by Pastor France Ngualo, a long-time partner with HIHIA and village resident. In looking for ways to educate and physically help HIV/AIDS infected towns people, Pastor France found a seed and tree company willing to donate.

South Africa

Spitzpunt Garden Project

This is another produce project. Learning from the Phake gardeners, the village of Spitzpunt designated a project director and received a donated shade tunnel, seeds, and training.

South Africa

Itumiesew Project

This project has a goal of becoming a viable business by providing the shield totes and shields for South Africa’s female teens in school.

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